About New Castle

NEW CASTLE is a tiny town, by acreage the smallest town in the state and the only town made up entirely of islands. With barely over one thousand residents, the town's population is among the smallest of the incorporated towns in NH.

New Castle was originally known as Great Island but was chartered as a parish of Portsmouth in 1679. The island was first settled in 1623 with the erection of Fort William and Mary to protect the Portsmouth Harbor against sea borne attacks. The town was incorporated as its own entity in1693 and was named New Castle in honor of the old fort's castle-like appearance. New Castle was a temporary seat of government with provincial governors gathering in the old meeting halls. Fishing and agriculture were the primary means of support for residents throughout the years, but now New Castle is a closely knit residential community with a nice mixture of authentically restored antique homes and beautiful new estates overlooking the rocky outcrops of its Atlantic coastline.

New Castle is home to several marinas, all filled with beautiful yachts, sailboats and fishing vessels. The Wentworth By The Sea Hotel, closed for many years and nearly demolished, offers guests a spectacular view of the ocean as it overlooks the Wentworth Marina. All residents can enjoy the private New Castle Common with acres of land for picnicking or walking and a small but wonderful beach, all overlooking the magnificent Ocean. Neighboring Portsmouth is the area's cultural center with a wide variety of entertainment, sporting events, fine and casual dining and artistic vision available every day of the week. New Castle is home to very little commercial or industrial business, preferring instead to enjoy the more residential flavor of their community. Unusual in any town, New Castle has the distinction of having a 0.0% poverty rate among its residents.

New Castle is a part of School Administrative Unit #50. The Maude H. Trefethen School educates children from kindergarten age up to grade six. Grades seven and eight are tuitioned at the Portsmouth Middle School and New Castle children in grades nine through twelve attend the Portsmouth High School. With the town's small student population (less than one hundred children), there are no plans to build additional schools.

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