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7 Seacoast Amenities for Living Your Best Life

woman sitting on the beach in winter

When you contemplate where you want to live, you think about amenities for living your BEST life. After all, you want to you choose a place where you'll be happy. So, what sparks joy for you...food and fashion? Culture and community? Or perhaps wellness and nature? Those of us who call the Seacoast area home are drawn to the ocean. What [...]

woman sitting on the beach in winter


NH Seacoast Farmers Markets: 5 Favorites!

NH Seacoast Farmers Markets

5 Favorite NH Seacoast Farmers Markets

Do you have a Saturday morning ritual to kick off the weekend? Some people grab a cup of coffee and head to the beach to walk Fido...others flock to NH Seacoast farmers markets and family farms for fresh local products and to shoot the breeze with farmers and neighbors. Going to the farmers market [...]

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