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7 Seacoast Amenities for Living Your Best Life

woman sitting on the beach in winter

When you contemplate where you want to live, you think about amenities for living your BEST life. After all, you want to you choose a place where you'll be happy. So, what sparks joy for you...food and fashion? Culture and community? Or perhaps wellness and nature? Those of us who call the Seacoast area home are drawn to the ocean. What [...]

woman sitting on the beach in winter


Things to Know About Living on the Seacoast During NH Presidential Primary Season

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As we Granite Staters hit the polls on February 11th, we reflect on another action-packed NH presidential primary season. If you're considering a move to the area, there are a few things that you should know about living on the NH Seacoast during an election [...]

Featured Lifestyle: Dover Point, Dover NH

Dover Point NH


Is there anything more magical than peak autumn foliage in New England? This is when the beautifulSeacoast peninsula ofDover Point, Dover NH comes alive in brilliant bursts of color along its tidal waterways! Here, the Cocheco, Salmon Falls and Bellamy riversflow to the Piscataqua, past Portsmouth [...]

10 NH Seacoast Events You Need to Attend to Build Your Prospect List

10 NH Seacoast Events You Need to Attend to Build Your Buyers List

We've rounded up a few of the best NH events to attend if you're looking to expand your buyers list.

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