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10 Features of Seacoast NH and Southern ME Luxury Homes

Features of High-end Homes

The Seacoast area of NH and Southern ME offers natural beauty and an exceptional quality of life, which is why you'll find many luxury homes here. When we're out in the field with our clients, we have the opportunity to view many beautiful properties with an amazing array of amenities. Ever wonder what those sought-after features are today? Here's what we've found...

1.Smart Home Technology

You want to be in control of your home, not the other way around. Smart home technology allows you to do that with wireless sound systems (for example Sonos), web-controlled security cameras, NEST thermostats, etc.

2.Technology Charging Stations

You've got an iPhone, your husband has a Droid, and your kids are still rocking the iPods. But what they've all got in common is that 3.5-foot cord that needs to be plugged in. These days, cords don't live like tentacles grasping any open outlet. High-end homes have a system for keeping them organized. One you want to plug into.

3.Garage Tune-ups

It's no secret that NH and Maine winters can be bitter. Spring and fall too, for that matter. Today's luxury homes are increasingly equipped with climate-controlled garages that have car lifts. Protecting your investment in antique, sports, and luxury vehicles is imperative and it starts with storage. And, if you've got four cars and a three-car garage, hoist one up high with the car elevator. They're out there.

4.Beyond the Walk-In Closet

You spend a great deal of time cultivating your wardrobe, you need to be able to view it with ease. These days, people are converting entire rooms to make a sufficiently sized walk-in closet. It makes getting dressed more fun, and a breeze.

5.Multiple Master Suites

There are many reasons for multiple master suites: your mother has come to live with you; your son has boomeranged back home after college, or your spouse snores, and some nights you need a break. More and more we are seeing two master suites, one up, one down. In fact, Houseplan's online home design company reported a 27 percent increase in interest with plans with dual master suites since 2014.

6.Bringing the InsideOutdoors

You don't need to do all of your cooking and cavorting within the walls of your home. Your landscape is pretty terrific too. How about an outdoor kitchen and living room with a built-in gas fire pit? We have seen (and adored) them.

7.Perks for Pets

Your dog or cat is a member of the family. As such, they need their own amenities. Homes now have custom doors with sensors and wash stations (the cat of course will wash itself.) Pet doors will now open and close according to the proximity of your pet with their collar, and you'll have peace of mind knowing whether they are inside or outside the house.

8.Bathroom Trends

Bathrooms are now featuring walk-in showers and freestanding tubs (claw feet optional). Freestanding tubs are a piece of art and lend drama and elegance to your bathroom. And you'll definitely want to leave the bathroom door open when not in use. This tub is far too stunning to hide from view.

9.Greater than Granite

While granite is still around (its hard, given New Hampshire's nickname, to say goodbye), quartz and quartzite countertops are giving it a run for its money. According to RealtorMag, the magazine for the National Association of Realtors, quartzite is moving ahead of quartz, which was last year's favorite.

10.Landscaped Saline Pools

Not only is the saline pool easier on your eyes, skin and senses, but people are customizingthem to fit with the natural surroundingsof the lands and woods of the Seacoast.

At Tate & Foss Sotheby's International Realty, we pride ourselves on our ability to help you find the home with all the features of your dreams. We offer the reach of a global company, but also have strong local ties that help us expertly match sellers and buyers on the NH and Southern ME Seacoast.

Speak to our team of professionals today to learn how we can put our experience to work for you.

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