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8 Photography Tips to Help Sell a Seacoast Home

8 Tips for Photographing your NH Home

The first 'showing' for your listingsoften takes place online. When selling a Seacoast home, youhave to enhance what you have in the eyes of the buyer. These days, its not necessarily curb appeal that catches someone's eye, its the photos of thehouse online, and many times theyre shot by you, the real estate agent, or the professional you hire.

There are hundreds of articles about how to shoot for a successful home sale. We've come up with our own list of eight photography tips to help sell a Seacoast home. These tips will help you make sure your photos help (and don't hinder) the sale of your Seacoast NH and Southern ME listings.

Keep in mind, as you photograph a Seacoast home, one of our favorite lines from the Wall Street Journal, in an interview with photographer Cameron Carothers: Wait for shafts of sunlight to come through the window; they create a friendly mood. You might need to wait longer for the perfect shafts of light at this time of year, but they're there. Here are our words to the wise.

  1. Hire a professional. This is obvious, but when you're selling a house, you might not find yourself in a position to hire a pro. But if you do see online real estate photos that you like find out who shot them and see if you can enlist that person to shoot yours.
  2. Accentuate the positive. If you know the kitchen ceiling needs work, don't feature it in a photo. If you know that the rustic garden bench is to die for in the spring, shoot it then and feature it at its most spectacular.
  3. Stage the home. You don't need to be a world-class interior decorator. You do need to advise the seller to get rid of all clutter and clear horizontal surfaces.
  4. Use natural lighting. Open the curtains, turn off all the lights and shoot before 4 p.m.
  5. Take lots of photos. With digital cameras, we don't need to worry about being wasteful by shooting too much of one shot. Shoot A LOT. About 20 photos to everyone you use is a good ratio.
  6. Touch up your photos afterward. If your photo is a tad too dark, there are ways to remedy the situation without doing the shoot again. Use Photoshop if you have it, or a service like PicMonkey if you don't.
  7. Take low shots. According to Houzz, When your camera sits lower than eye level, your photos will look more like those you see in magazines.
  8. Use odd numbers. When accessorizing, use odd numbers like three varying sizes. For instance, on a bedside table, put books, flowers, and a magnifying glass. It just works.

These eight pointers will put you in the right frame of mind for presenting a listing in the right light. You know what makes it shine, so use that knowledge to make it sell. Photography is such a powerful tool, especially when you know how to use it.

For more information on how to use photography to sell your NH Seacoast and Southern ME listings, get in touch with one of our real estate professionals.

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