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Spring Seacoast Real Estate Market: Prepare Now!

Prepare for Spring Market

Spring Seacoast Real Estate Market: Prepare Now!

Thinking of selling your home this year? Start. Preparing. Now.

The Spring Seacoast Real Estate Market is just around the corner. Your home has only one opportunity to make a first impression, so take the time to get it right! Our team of experts will help you...

  1. Understand the Local Market and Set a Competitive Price Your home has the best chance for a successful sale when it is new on the market and the price is reasonably established. Pricing it competitively for the Spring Seacoast Real Estate market requires extensive knowledge and research (have you seen our Market Watch report?). We'll prepare a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) to establish the current market value of your home and discuss pricing strategies with you to help you make an informed decision that fits your goals.
  2. Plan for Organizing, Sprucing & Staging to Maximize Your Home's Appeal Preparing your home for the market can be a daunting task. However, small changes can make a big difference in the listing price, days on market, and final selling price. We know what it takes to make living space photograph beautifully but, more importantly, we know what it takes to attract buyers. We often engage our network of talented professional organizers, staging consultants, and contractors to help you with an action plan to pull everything together before our photographer arrives!
  3. Differentiate Your Home with a 3D Virtual Tour, Professional Photography, Lifestyle Video & Unique Storytelling We are Content Curators.' From 3D virtual tours to professional photography and lifestyle videos to unique narratives we engage you in the process to make sure that we know the ins-and-outs of your home and communicate the features and benefits in the most impactful way. Facts TELL, Stories SELL. We believe that every home has a story and we're here to share yours with like-minded Buyers.
  4. Bring BostonBuyers to Your Doorstep Our exclusive Property Marketing Plan offers unparalleled exposure to qualified Buyers beyond the Seacoast. The Greater Boston area is one of our key 'feeder' markets our #1 referral source and a Top 10 U.S. market for relocation and vacation homes. How we do it... - Sotheby's International RealtyNetworkour team has a solid relationship with our SIR colleagues (and their 39+ offices throughout the greater Boston area!), attending networking events and sharing listings and best practices. - Cascading websites our listings live on the websites of key affiliates such as Gibson SIR (offices in Bostons Back Bay, Bostons Waterfront, Cambridge, Charlestown, Dorchester, South End, Westwood), Unlimited SIR (offices in Boston, Brookline, Newton), By the Sea SIR (Beverly Farms), Waterfield SIR (Winchester) and Mathieu Newton SIR (Westborough). - Email marketing we send our listing announcements to our SIR colleagues, emphasizing the geographic proximity and selling the lifestyle benefits of relocating to or buying a vacation home in the Seacoast area.
  5. Leverage the Halo Effect Our listings enjoy the benefit of association with a top-notch luxury brand that brand perception extends to the quality of the properties themselves, elevating your home above the competition.THAT is value that you're not going to get from any other Seacoast real estate company. Our goal is to make your home the shiniest apple on the pile!

We love where we live and believe that everyone should call the Seacoast HOME. Our team represents unique properties and lifestyles across all price ranges. Stop by, call or email us to learn more about all that we'll do to help you prepare for the Spring Seacoast Real Estate Market!

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