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2023-2024 Property Tax Rates for the Greater Seacoast Area

Property tax rates for the Greater Seacoast Area of New Hampshire and Southern Maine vary quite significantly from town to town. In New Castle NH, for example, the property tax rate is only $4.98 per $1,000 of assessed value, while in Newmarket NH, it is $29.49 per thousand. Understandably, this can be confusing to Buyers. Why such a wide range? The answer is rather complicated.

There is often an inverse relationship between property tax rates and property values, with lower tax rates correlating to higher home values. For example, the 2023 average sales price was $3,113,836 in New Castle yet only $546,235 in Newmarket. If market values are 100% on par with the towns’ assessed values for taxation purposes, you could expect to pay about $15,500 per year in New Castle ($4.98 x 3,113) and just over $16,000 per year in Newmarket ($29.49 x 546). However, there is a factor known as ‘equalization,’ which defines the relationship of a property's assessed value to its market value. The 2022 equalization rate in Newmarket was 62.7%, which means that properties were assessed at 62.7% of their market value.

It's important to understand that a town's property tax rate is not necessarily an indicator of the quality of its schools, infrastructure or services. Newington NH, for instance, has a low tax rate ($10.18) and sends its students to the SAU 50 middle and high schools in Portsmouth NH, a very desirable district. The school portion of a town budget typically accounts for 60-75% of the property tax burden. Towns with good schools and lower taxes include Rye NH ($8.03) and York ME ($8.45). 

High taxes often correlate to larger local governments, as found in Somersworth NH ($29.30), and the presence of colleges and universities, as in Durham NH. Property tax rates tend to increase gradually over time with the largest increases stemming from things like the construction of new schools and public safety buildings, and other general capital improvements.

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*Data from the NH Department of Revenue Administration and Maine Revenue Services 

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