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Featured Lifestyle: Wentworth by the Sea

LIVE Wentworth by the sea

'Wentworth by the Sea' was named after Benning Wentworth (1741-1766), the first royal governor of New Hampshire. Today, the name is known to locals as a sought-after neighborhood straddling the seacoast towns of New Castle and Rye, which includes a world-class hotel and spa, marina, and country club [...]

There are Many Reasons to join Portsmouth's 100 Club: Here's Why and How

Why and How to Join Portsmouth's 100 Club

Membership does indeed have its privileges, and some of those perks are located five flights up at 100 Market Street, at what's been known since 2002 as Portsmouth's 100 Club. There are many reasons to join the club, including: exclusivity, interesting people,fantasticfood and most exceptionally, a view of [...]

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