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Here's what our satisfied customers are saying about us:

We house shopped for over six months, constantly being pushed by other Realtors into places we weren’t interested in living. When we met Sharon, all that changed. She knew how to find exactly what we were looking for and worked quickly to gather properties. Once we found our dream home, Sharon worked around the clock to move us through the closing. If you are looking for a new place to call home and want someone you can talk to and feel comfortable with, talk to Sharon. You will feel like you met a friend who’s looking out for your best interest. We couldn’t be happier.

When I decided to downsize from my large house, I hired you to help me with the search for a new home. I needed it done quickly, in a specific location, within a specific price range, and I needed you to do the searching as I was busy with other issues. You delivered on all counts. The whole process, from search to closing, was handled in a very professional and efficient manner. You made the whole experience stress free.

We worked with Brett to sell our old home in North Hampton and purchase our new home in Stratham. He was fantastic—always very punctual, reliable, patient and knowledgeable. He responded to any messages the same day, usually within an hour. He always answered our questions to completion, whether a process or property question. Through the entire selling and buying process, we always felt like Brett was on "our team." Everything went well largely due to his professionalism, work ethic and advice. He was also great with our 1-year old and always welcomed her on showings.  We confidently, enthusiastically and emphatically recommend Brett to anyone looking to buy or sell a home in the NH Seacoast area!

We met Caren and she assisted us with selling our home in Chester, as well as subdividing our land and selling 6 lots for residential homes. It was such a pleasure to work with her and the buyers who purchased our lots rave about her as well. We now live in Rye and if we ever sell again, she will be our first call.

Manuela definitely thought outside of the box once she knew the challenges of my situation. I was in Newport News VA and needed to buy a home in Stratham NH. I was 650 miles away and worked a full-time job, so I had to quickly develop a sense of trust in Manuela, which I was able to do thanks to her attention to detail, terrific listening skills, quick and thorough responses, and ability to match my needs with available real estate. The best part? I bought my home without physically setting foot in it. Due to the distance and the difficult logistics involved, we resorted to utilizing iPhone video walkthroughs in order for her to show me a select number of properties. She knew what I wanted, so it ended up being a relatively painless process considering the challenges.

From the first day we talked I had a very good feeling about your integrity and how the sale would be structured to bring the greatest return. It goes without saying that selling a beloved family property is a complicated business. At every point you were wonderfully helpful and understanding. My one abiding memory is of the time I was alone, cleaning out the house, and had a large aluminum canoe we had offered to give to my cousins. I literally had no one to help me with this task and decided to see if you might be able to lend a hand. Just 10 minutes later, you and I were walking down the street together, canoe in tow, headed to my cousins' cottage. I unreservedly recommend your services to anyone interested in buying or selling a home. Many thanks and continued success. Clearly you earn it every day.

You have been an absolute pleasure to work with and we would be happy to highly recommend you to anyone. Mary Beth I especially would like to thank you for your tender loving care and kindness toward my mom. You are truly the best.

Now that the dust has settled (literally) on the recent sale of my home in Rye, I feel I must express my deep appreciation for your dedication and professionalism during this process. It was a very difficult decision for me, and you went way beyond what any other Realtor would have done. What could have been a very painful situation for me was made easier by your hard work, loyalty, honesty and understanding. I have recommended you highly to everyone who has asked me about the transaction, and I will continue to do so. You are the best Realtor I could have chosen, and you are good and kind. What more could I have asked?

When my husband and I started to search for our first home together, the only thing we could agree on was that we only wanted to go through this process once.  One perfect, dream home that met all of our criteria that would be ours for at least the next 30 years.  Mary Beth met with both of us to go over our "must haves" for our future dream home.  Once she had our exhaustive list, she immediately began compiling potential homes and shared it with us via the online dashboard.  She was incredibly patient with us balancing our changing needs, and complex work/life schedules to show us more homes than I can even remember over the next 4 months. We went to open houses, squeezed in new listings after work, and all of this was done with the greatest of ease. We never felt pressured to make a decision, or jump to make an offer. If it wasn't perfect or we couldn't agree, onto the next house we went. Due to her encyclopedic knowledge of the market, her vast network of professional connections, and a fine tuned sense of what we were looking for, we toured our dream house some hours before the house was viewed by the agents of other clients.  While we instantly fell in love with the property Mary Beth worked with us to do a market analysis and helped us to come up with a competitive offer for the buyers. Later that evening, less than 8 hours after our visit, we were under contract.  From there it was a whirlwind of introductions and connections through Mary Beth's never ending source of contacts.  She was able to recommend highly skilled and professional individuals to assist with every aspect of the home purchase.  While we moved towards closing, we had a series of anxious moments but MaryBeth was always there to work with us and our team to make the process as smooth and stress-free as possible.  The bottom line is we bought our dream house at a great price with an quick and effortless closing all because of the exceptional guidance and support of Mary Beth Hixon.

Robyne was a true professional to work with. From the first meeting, through picture taking, posting the listing and negotiations her expertise was evident. Robyne guided us through the process and was excellent about keeping us informed! She answered calls, emails and text messages quickly giving us all the updated information. Her knowledge of the current market and all the new guidelines was extremely helpful. I would highly recommend her! If you want a real estate agent who is informative, responsive and knowledgeable in today's market look no further than Robyne Harrison--she will get you the results you are looking for!

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